Bouncy solver in cluster error

I’m experiencing an issue where if I put bouncy solver inside a cluster, it’ll stop before it converges.

Inside a cluster it’ll only iterate a few hundred times, when I enter the cluster it’ll finish the rest and closer to a thousand times.

My current workarround is to connect a trigger, but that’ll cause the whole cluster to continuously execute, even once converged.
I’m wondering if there’s another workaround/fix?

Attached is an example of the issue: (12.4 KB)

Hi @victorlin

This sounds like somewhere the ‘Zombie’ solver would be useful. It iterates internally without continuous updates, and only outputs a result when it either converges to below the ‘Threshold’ setting, or reaches the ‘MaxIterations’.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the reply, yes I did eventually switch over to zombie solver.
However, one of the goals I wanted to use was grab, which doesn’t work with zombie.
Is there something I can do to make bouncy solver work properly in a cluster? or is that a Grasshopper 1 issue?