Bought V6 Upgrade. Question before I make a mistake[Solved]

I have both mac and win V5 license.
I’d like to upgrade the mac V5 to the V6 windows which I just purchaced.
As now only will use windows, I’d like to keep
the win V5 as is.
Any right way to upgrade?

Hi Toshiaki - Are your licenses academic or commercial? I can help! Thanks, Janet

Janet Brock

It’s both commercial

Hi Toshiaki - send me your email address, and where you are located, I will send you your options. thank you, Janet Brock,

Thanks! Just sent you email.

Just an update, so when upgrading the system just asks for the previous license number and the the upgrade license number.
So I was able to select mac V5 licese number first and use V6 to upgrade that.