Bought Flamingo 5, want to use older version

I bought Flamingo 5 a few days ago, but the free trial version I got with my download of Lands Design seems to be an earlier version. I’ve put in all my materials and settings into the older version of flamingo and would just like to render in that engine, without the watermark. How can I do this?

I did not think other companies could redistribute McNeel products.

Sorry this does not help you.


They just gave me a link to a trial version. I just would like a way to download the previous version.

Yes, I see the download bundled together on their website.

Hope someone else can help with your question.


Maybe @fsalla or @albert can help you with this.

Hi @amf273, Lands is compatible with Flamingo 5. So you just need to set it as the current render. No reason to use the former Flamingo version that was included in the Lands installer package.