Bootcamp and OBJs

I run Rhino on Bootcamp, mostly because I enjoy the mobility of a laptop (and apple OS for my day job). I typically don’t have problems with importing models to work with but they seem to get heavier and heavier and too cumbersome to work with.

I downloaded / imported an .obj yesterday that brings my laptop to a screeching halt and subsequently forces me to shut down Rhino(5) and start over (from any certain point). Is there a better way to make this .obj lighter? An “explode” alternative to make it a lighter file / lighter NURBS?

I have scanned the web for answers…alas…I have not found anything that address this for me. Yes, I need to break down and buy a tower.


How do you want to use the OBJ file? … that would determine where optimization is possible.
Rendering, 3D printing, or other?

@cdordoni thanks! Basic rendering and modifications.

Hello - how big is the obj file? Do other objs work OK?


@pascal The file is 592MB so it’s heavier than most I admit. This is one has funky clustered or grouped details that I can’t separate as individual elements or shapes. Smaller ones seem to be okay…

Hm - well that is pretty large - but obj files are text, so very inefficient, both to store (file size) and to read, I would think as well - so it might actually work to start the import and then go off and do something else for a while. Maybe quite a while…


592Mb is the geometry only? … how big is the texture map?