BooleanUnion Curve - Cross Lines

Hi ,

I have draw an old currency using curve, then I did offset-multiple, but I got a problem with cross lines

After Offset Multiple
Screen Shot 1442-10-24 at 7.56.05 PM

I got cross lines in note 1 while I got booleanUnion in note 2, is there a way to do a booleanUnion for all curves like note 2 instead of trim them one by one .
Screen Shot 1442-10-24 at 8.01.26 PM

Please find the below design
Currency.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hello - CurveBoolean should help here.


Hi Thank you Pascal,

By using CurveBoolean, I have to select the cross lines manually, I’m looking to have something automated, as you see in the attached design there are a lot of cross, if we are talking about bigger design it will be difficult to use the manual thing .

Hi @razaqe,

Are you able to post a version of the file from before you did the offset, i.e. with just the original curves?

Edit: Never mind, I tested what I wanted to try and it isn’t effective.

Hi Razaqe

offset Problem?

Hi @razaqe,

CurveBoolean is long-winded for this. Here’s another way that seems reasonably quick. It uses the idea of making the strips between your curves and their offsets into surfaces (if you do this again, speed up the process by creating surfaces by offsets, rather than creating parallel curves).

Create a planar surface slightly larger than the extents of the curves. Select the surface and split it, selecting all the curves as the splitters. Delete all the redundant parts of the surface, leaving the narrow strips. Select all the surfaces and run PlanarUnion to join up the overlaps.

If you want to get back to curves, select all the surfaces and use Silhouette to extract the outline, then select surfaces and delete them.

This took about fifteen minutes.

And this is the result:


P.S. I also had fun extruding the design into solids and rendered it with a Substance nickel finish: