BooleanDifference Fail

Why does this BooleanDifference fail - just trying to understand.

bool test.3dm (216.8 KB)


I see that this file is created in the WIP so I’m changing the category to Serengeti.
Are you running the very latest version? If so, that might explain what’s going on since some trimming bugs were introduced there (though I’m seeing problems in a previous release but that might not mean anything :blush: )

The short answer is that the intersector is failing here.
If you intersect both objects, you will notice that the resulting curve is open across the top cap of the cylinder-ish thingy.
The really weird part is that a boolean union works OK.

You can manually do what you want by using the trim command to trim the objects against each other. Then join all.

Thanks for your help Wim,

If I remove the capped ends ( created in pipe command ) then apply the “cap” command to the cylinder the Boolean difference then works - not sure why pipe cap=flat fails the boolean test in this instance.

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Are you running the latest WIP?

6.0.15209.10391, 28/07/2015

That explains it.