Boolean Union (Wish)


It would be great if within the Boolean Union command by default or at least as an option we had the ability to merge all faces (as per the command).

I know I could have my own macro but I think this should be embedded with the BooleanUnion command.

Any thoughts?


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As an option fine, but I would avoid including by default in boolean commands for three reasons:

  1. MergeAllFaces can take a long while to run, and I would rather not wait for it in cases where I don’t need it.
  2. MergeAllFaces not infrequently returns an invalid object. At present I can undo it without affecting the prior boolean and then decide if I want to manually extract faces and cap.
  3. Boolean operations already fail all too often. I suspect this would cause more failures and make them more difficult to diagnose.
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And 4. It’s not unthinkable that there are situations where one would like to keep the individual surfaces for subsequent operations.