Boolean Union Problems

I continually have problems making Boolean union work. I can finally design a part so that union works, but if I have to make changes, then I lose it forever. I know how to look for naked edges, and I can find some, but whatever I try to do, I can’t get rid of them. It looks like I’m not able to post the exact file, but am hoping I can get some ideas for things to try to clear the problem. Is there a checklist to go through that can provide some guidance for resolving these issues?

Hi Rex - are you talking about outright failures or unexpected results?

If failures, then running the Intersect command among the objects (or IntersectTwoSets) will help you troubleshoot - inspect the resulting curves - can they be used to trim the inputs or are there gaps that would prevent this?

If unexpected results, check the input objects direction - Dir command and make sure that the normal arrows are pointing to what you consider to be the outside of the objects. Boolean2Objects is a way around this as well.


Pascal, it looks like all the arrows are pointing out. When I do the Intersect/Invert/Hide sequence, I do end up with some line segments, although I’m not sure what that means or what to do with them. Actually, now I do see a split between the two objects. However, I’m not sure how to fill it. thanks


Thanks Mitch; I wasn’t aware of this document. I’ll give it a good study.