Boolean union problem

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to print this object , and i can’t manage to do it because the different part of it are unlinked.
But when i try to do a boolean union between the curves and the base, it returns me an error message.
Is it a bug or i am doing something wrong.

Thanks for your help

Can you post the file? I bet the curved pieces aren’t closed at a guess.

Naca courbé large fin final.3dm (1.6 MB)

Here is the file. I’ve been using rhino for only a few weeks, it might be the curved pieces, but i don’t know how to close them

Thanks for your help !

Thanks for the file. There were a bunch of issues most important of which was that the objects were not closed. Here’s how I’d go about modeling this…

Naca courbé large fin final_BrianJ.3dm (1.4 MB)

Thanks a lot !!

I have just one thing more that i don’t understand, in this one i used your method, the sweeps are the same but when i try to do the Filetedge at the base, it work for only 2 on 3.
I must be missing something, can you help me again?Test 4- Partie 1 - copie.3dm (688.0 KB)

This is due to the very small size of the fillet radius in relation to the unit tolerance of the file. In File>Settings>Units, change the tolerance to .0001 mm instead of .001. I’m not sure what the model is and if you will be manufacturing it but if so, you may want to check the minimum detail size possible in your production process. The smallest fillets may not be needed in the CAD data.