Boolean Union Problem

In the attached I have two polysrf’s that will not union

Intersect shows where the problem is but the why escapes me. It appears that Rhino is not seeing the surfaces causing the problem are coplanar. When I do EdgeSrf they match to the limit of precision that can be displayed.

Problem (91.1 KB)

Hello- I see that, thanks.


I am still tryng to find a workaround for that one.

Usually, I do that before posting.

Problem Union (65.5 KB)

Here is simpler example. These will not union but the intersection is a closed curve.

Hi John -

It looks like the tip of those small triangles being right on the intersection curve between the two object is what is causing this issue. If you run MergeAllCoplanarFaces, those will disappear and the Boolean operation will be successful.


Thanks, I don’t know why I had not tried that one.