Boolean Union only working on certain objects

Hi, I’m trying to Boolean Union, then laplacian smooth these Objects, however only two of the objects will complete this action successfully. It seems like it should be a rather simple task but I cannot get it to work. Any help would be great.

Here is the file I’m working on click here


Hi Harrison - the way to locate the problem in failed Boolean operations is to Intersect the two objects and look for open curves (Assuming the objects are closed, which they are, closed enough here) in the result. There’s a open curve of intersection in this case (SelOpenCrv) and that is cleaned up, as well as the Boolean by changing the DocumentProperties > Units >Absolute tolerance to .001 from .01.


Hi Pascal,

I have intersected and found the open curves, how would I go about closing the curves so that the booleanunion will be successful?


Hi Harrison - you don’t need to close the curve, that just tells you where the problem lies - the two objects have no openings near there, so the curve is being calculated incorrectly - by making the tolerance smaller, the curve comes out clean, and the Boolean operation, which essentially needs to go through the same process internally, works…


Thanks Pascal,

I misunderstood, but now I get it. I changed my tolerance from 0.01M to 0.1M. Hopefully that will resolve the issue.

Thanks for the fast replies.


Hi Harrison, go the other way - .001.



Thanks so much for the help, it works fine now.