Boolean union not work right


I have this list of solids. In grasshopper they don’t merge with union. If i bake them and try to union all of them, at once, still doesn’t work, but if i choose them one by one, it works…

Hope you can help, thanks!

bug union (762.0 KB)

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Could you please attach the file correctly?

Thank you,

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yes, sorry

That might be the issue:

bug union (762.2 KB)

I culled out the inner touching surfaces for you and joined them back again. Is this helpful for you?



It’s clearly helpful for you because the result is a “Closed Brep”. Very nice shape.

Here’s a different way to do the same thing using Cull Index to remove first and last items in a list:


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Yes exactly the same approach. Just culling instead of selecting :wink:

Thanks @Joseph_Oster

Oh! Sorry, I thought the OP posted the solution. Nice work.

thanks for the suggestions! i was thinking about something like that but i’m not sure that the face indexes will keep their order especially since the algorithm can also output surfaces like this:

i’ll have to verify

Looks great. Maybe you can get rid of the inner surfaces already way before. If you can, please share your file with us.

it can work like this. (i’ll share it after in implement this also)

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Nice. Surprised that you need to use Cap Holes and Solid Union?

It really is a beautiful bowl. I was going to suggest that you concentrate on just the outer surface and worry later about making it a solid.

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For sure! Looks nice. If possible we can help you to sort the surfaces out already in a step earlier.

Came here to suggest this.

here’s the def. please don’t use it commercially without my consent.

i made a playlist with the tutorials, but they’re in Romanian:

bowl (47.1 KB)bowl tutorial.3dm (159.5 KB)

Thank you. CURBA PROFIL and GENERATOARESCOBITURA JOS are not internalized so it doesn’t work.

yeah, edited the previous reply to include the 3dm