Boolean Union Issue

I’m trying to create a design for 3D printing and casting. I been unable to join or Boolean union fully, all the elements of my design?? Any help would be great. ThanksNew Origional- small.3dm (1.4 MB)

Hi Millicent - the pyramids do not fully intersect the bowl - run Intersect on the two objects to see where the gaps are. In addition the edge of the bowl has some self-intersections that need to be cleaned up

it looks like probably you want that top edge to be a horizontal plane - if so, that’s what I’d use to close that off there.


Thanks Pascal!

I have now altered the design slightly but am still unable to get the pieces to fully union?

option 2.3dm (5.4 MB)

there are multiple issues with this. first you have a lot of duplicate surfaces. if you explode everything and use selDup you see whats going on. but deleting them will not solve it because in some cases it will select good duplicates from degenerated surfaces leaving you some empty surfaces with boarders behind. also be aware that there are some super thin surfaces which do not join up properly, some you need one or 2 i found which you may not need.

simply said its a mess and i would recommend you to redo it or to rethink how you did this or could do maybe better when you try again.