Boolean toggle meshes

I’ve tried to simplify my issue, I may need to add more detail if I’ve over simplified my question.

Is there a way to Boolean toggle between making a mesh visible or not visible (visible may be wrong terminology. active or inactive) ?


2 simple methods with Stream Filter or Stream Gate

Note that only last mesh parameter have preview turned on…

Ah I didn’t put the mesh in and out!

Is there a way to toggle between multiple meshes. 3 or more?

Thanks btw!

Put all your meshes toghether with a merge component, everything with preview disabled.
Then use list item and use a integer-numbers slider 0 to intem count -1

I’ll try explain another way.

If I had 3 meshes. Can i make a list naming each mesh. Then select one of the meshes to activate it. A multiple choice between 3 rather than a binary choice.

Use List item

I did it like this, just needed to sleep on it and try a few things.
Day 3 of learning grasshopper! It a very steep learning curve