Boolean Subtract

Can anyone help me with this? When I subtract the gray part from the green part, the .03 (smaller) radius does not get subtracted, but the .125 radius does.


Pump Housing2.3dm (408.6 KB)

Yeah… the smaller radius does not touch the other object. What you need to do is remove the existing cavity altogether and then subtract the object.


Thank you Pascal!

Hi Frank
I used Boolean Split and then deleted the red portion. My system could also do the Boolean Difference.

Hi Pascal
I tried to follow your method, used Delete Hole and ended up with this. All holes were deleted including the hole in the boss. How exactly did you remove the cavity without removing the boss hole?


I capped the hole (Cap command).


Everything worked out fine. See final part.
I Untrimed the existing pocket and then subtracted the complete cutout. I should have realized that I had already subtracted a portion of the cutout without the .03 radius.

Thanks again.

Pump Housing - Copy.3dm (704.6 KB)