Boolean subtract failure

I am trying to subtract the wedges from the solid. All wedges were distributed using a Grasshopper definition. Most of them subtract fine (leaving the desired grooves) but these do not. What is wrong with these? What might I need to change in my Grasshopper definition (based on Orient 3 point to keep the wedges vertical to the cplane) to have clean subtraction?

RobbBoolFail-03.3dm (4.4 MB)

Try the cutting object little bit shorter so that the the cutted edges not twice cutted !BoolFail-_solution.3dm (4.7 MB)

Hi Robb - I think we went through this a few months ago - your wedges intersect the object on a line in some locations, they need to be sorter to miss that intersection:


Thanks Pascal… We did go through this previously. This geometry is generated using a Grasshopper script to place the wedges. The underlying solid bar varies somewhat in shape and size for each iteration of the design. The script uses Divide to locate the wedges. An Orient2point component is used to place the wedges on the divide points which vary in spacing one side of the solid to the other. When I toggle the scale factor to True it frequently generates a vertical triangle up from the divide point.

I have had better success using the since this post changing to the Orient3point component using a duplicate point 5mm directly above the 1st placement point. This keeps the wedge oriented vertical to the cplane instead of tracking the flow of the surface. A scale option might help to eliminate the near duplicate cuts but is not available in that component.

I will investigate new shapes for my wedges.