Boolean substract problem


I can’t substract cuboid from the hull solid, can you please tell what is the problem here? My plugin is crashing because of that.

Boolean_difference_problem.3dm (3.9 MB)

Well, the intersection of the box and the hull shows as a closed curve. so BooleanDifference ‘should’ work.

But if you explode the hull and split it with the ‘derived’ curve, you got some funny pieces. One has a ‘singularity’ edge, another nearly that.

Perhaps if you remake those two surfaces, you can split the hull with the box.

I’m playing with it, perhaps won’t solve it.

Yeah- edge tolerances are pretty large on this object for some reason (‘What’ command) - in this case @karol_wierzbick, Explode, RebuildEdges, Join, and then try . That will not always work…


Thank you,

Can you please give me an advise how to analyze the surface with Rhinocommons? Which methodees to use?

In this case, Rhino.Geometry.BrepEdge.Tolerance is what is in question. But you cannot count on this being the only reason a Boolean operation will fail.

Thank you. I will try to utilize it.

What could be the other reasons for failing Bool operation?

Hi Karol- anytime the intersection is incomplete- for example when there are coincident surfaces in the objects involved (coincident planes should work) the intersection cannot be easily calculated and a Boolean will fail.


I found this pretty useful.