Boolean Split With Cut Surface Fail

Sometimes i get “Boolean split failed.” when trying to Boolean Split with cut surface, like in the attached pic,
Why does that happen…?

Booleans split is a command intended to work with solids. It happens to work with some surfaces but generally does not, because there is no consistent definition of inside/outside if you only have a single face.

Make a box, that includes both of your yellow surfaces and try again.

Tnx @HaLo
I usually use BS with cut surfaces… & as u wrote, when that fails i turn them into solids and try again… That usually works.

Hi Gil- You can also just Split with the planes and Cap the results.


select all and _CreateSolid


@pascal Tnx Pacsal, that’s the next step i would usually do, but was wondering about thous cases when the BS with Cut planes (or any plan ) doesn’t work…

Tnx @noetzig will try that and report…