Boolean Split problem

I have tried to reproduce the problem on a file that I think I had to force quit out of a few days ago but the Intersect command now works, so I can’t test if Esc aborts. I am wondering if the problem with Intersect is due to memory exhaustion, i.e. if I have been using Rhino for several hours the Intersect command just takes a very long time to complete fooling me into thinking that the operation has stalled. Could this be the case? Either way, Esc has not got me out of a slow operation. I will have to wait until the issue next presents itself, then re-contact you.

While endeavouring to reproduce the problem, however, I came across another. In the file that I have uploaded, I attempted a Boolean Split of the Coupling using Cutplane. This operation failed even though Intersect generated 3 closed intersections that should have split the part. Might you be able to tell me why the Boolean Split failed?

Mdownpipe diverter.3dm (4.3 MB)
any thanks,


Hi - please keep separate issue in different threads.

It looks like Rhino is having problems with many of the seams laying right on the splitting plane. I’ll get it on the list!

Oh, OK regarding the thread.

Thanks for looking into the splitting problem, though.