Boolean Split Creates More Objects..this shouldnt be!

I have a surface and two rectangular cross section objects running through it. Boolean split in V4 would cut rectangular holes in the grey surface leaving them still there, click and delete sees them gone. It would leave the red cutters as red cutters, no grey shapes matching them would get made.

It is not a making process but a cutting process.

V5 in fact makes surfaces , sort of extrudes them, my red cutters have gone 50/50 grey red. darag and separate out this and I havent punched holes in the grey sheet. its got new structures added to it.

This never did that in V4

see attached.

SteveBooleanSplitCreatesMore.3dm (374.2 KB)

Well, I agree that this is an odd result - but BooleanSplit is more designed to work with volumes, not surfaces. If you “thicken” your surface by extruding it, it works as expected.

But in your posted case bog standard Split will do what you want, that’s what it’s designed to do.


Just tried it in V4 and it does that there. ! my mistake.

it says choose surfaces to split, so I assime it will do do.

Quite right split is better !