Boolean question

I am trying to BooleanUnion two closed polysrfs, and the operation fails. There are no naked edges in either object.

After executing IntersectTwoSets and looking at the resulting curves, I see that they are open curves, and most likely that is the root of the problem. I’m am a little confused as to how intersecting two closed volumes can result in open curves, but it seems it can-- indeed it keeps happening with this model.

My question is- how do I solve this problem, ideally fairly quickly? I would like to boolean or otherwise join this box to this phone shell such that I am left with a closed polysrf. And, I would like to know how all these messy curves can be derived from two purportedly clean, closed volumes.

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handset_003.3dm (9.9 MB)

Worked OK here… I’ll test on Rhino for Mac in a bit…

handset_003_PG.3dm (2.2 MB)


any luck with this on a mac? still not working for me here.