Boolean problem


I have a simple problem with the boolean tools.Someone can explain how can I do for this?
Could you please explain step by step How can I do?

thanks a lot,

Nicolasboolean.3dm (2.5 MB)

How do you know it’s simple if you don’t know how to do it?

Those small objects on the side are still open. Close them using the “Cap” command. Then you can boolean union everything together.

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You’ve marked your own “thanks a lot” post as the solution, showing up on top as the answer to your question.

Have a read through this FAQ for more details:

Why? I gave him a solution that works?

Sorry, I at-mentioned the wrong person.
You gave @nicolas_b the perfect solution for his situation.
Thank you

Clearly there are lots of other situations where using Cap won’t work.
I don’t want him to think Cap is the only way to fix failing Boolean operations.

hello thanks a lot Siemen for the answer. I was lost with this simple problem