Boolean operation not working

I’m trying to boolean a 3d printable model I downloaded to include a magnet recess.
I converted the mesh to nurbs, and created the magnet volume, that is to be subtracted from the main model.
I was expecting to create a mew model with the hollow to allocate the magnet, but it’s not working.
The boolean operation fails and difference says there is no intersection between models.
The two models look like closed polysurfaces, but I’m evidently missing something obvious…
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

The model and the original stl…

Magnet test.3dm (9.5 MB)

Ducky_Flat_-_50_percent_larger_135_deg.stl (180.8 KB)

Hi Massimo - Boolean operations require an intersection at the faces of the input objects - i.e. the result cannot be disjoint as you show here. In any case, assuming you were to have such an object how would you get the magnet in? If you extend the cylinder through the bottom of your shape, the Boolean will work.


There is a trick I would try that supposedly stops the printer ad a certain layer.
The idea is to start the print, pause it at the end of the magnet eight, insert the magnet and resume the print…
So I’ll probably have to do a double pass, a boolean till the bottom, and a boolean union to close the external part of the hole itself?
Thanks again,

Hello - if you have the trick, then I would do this:

Use the original mesh.
Make a MeshCylinder where you want the magnet cavity.
Flip the cylinder to point its normals inward (Flip command)
Join the two meshes into one disjoint mesh (this is allowed with meshes).


Your suggestion worked perfectly.
Now I only have to check if the pause command is really working… :slight_smile:

It works!
Cura plugin pause at height.
Thanks for the help.