Boolean Mystery

Here’s a simple boolean task that keeps failing. Can anyone figure this one out? (93.5 KB)

new to Rhino, but when I raised the outside wrap-around as little as .001 they Booleaned. Seems the two top surfaces intersected on the same level. That will stop the booleen in my short experience

I’m sure there are more elegant methods, but I would extrude the top surface of the outside wrap-around>booleen and then slice or booleen split the protruding extended surface.

That’s strange, as there’s still shared space between them. Why would the boolean require more than one dimension of overlap??

the top surface of both overlap . Try raising either one .001 and booleen

Boolean operations in Rhino sometimes fail if a portion of the polysurfaces coincide. In these situations either one of the objects needs to be modified, as suggested by Et_Rec, or an alternative approach is needed such as splitting the polysurfaces, deleting the unwanted parts, and then joining the remaining parts.

Ok, thanks guys.

For what it’s worth, this boolean works in the version currently under development. There has been major improvement in this area for Rhino V6.