Boolean Intersection

Is there any command on closed polysrf’s that does an intersection like

(A, B) ^ C => A^C, B^C

rather than

(A, B) ^ C => (A U B) ^ C

Hello- not that I know of, but BooleanSplit should inlude the result you are after, I think.


Does this macro do what you want?

! _SelNone
; Select C
_Select _Pause _Enter
-_NamedSelections _Save Boolibit
_Copy InPlace
-_NamedSelections Save Boolibit2
; Select A
_BooleanUnion -_NamedSelections _Select Boolibit _Pause
; Select B
_BooleanUnion -_NamedSelections _Select Boolibit2 _Pause
-_NamedSelections _Delete “Boolibit”
-_NamedSelections _Delete “Boolibit2”