Boolean Fail / Make Hole Fail

Hey, I tried almost for an hour to cut a circular hole into a wall. Tried several approaches (mesh/nurbs/polysurfaces/exploding first/etc.). Hopefully you can help me out.

I really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

211231 make hole : boolean.3dm (56.9 KB)

I would convert that wall to nurbs (MeshToNurbs command), then DupBorder of the wall, delete your old wall and extrude a new wall. Then run boolean.

I think the problem with your wall is that there are tiny internal surfaces that are confusing to the boolean operation. If you recreate the wall as I describe, those go away. Alternatively, you can just manually delete them all, explode, join, and then it should work.

Hi Constantin,

The uploaded wall is a mesh, with internal surfaces. Convert it to nurbs with ToNurbs, using the option to delete the mesh. Cap the nurbs object. Then explode the nurbs object, select the exploded parts and run Join. That will create separate nurbs for the outer surface and the internal ones. Delete all the internal ones (quick way to select just the internals is to select all the wall parts and ctrl-select the main part to remove it from the selection). Then boolean difference the cylinder from the wall.


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