Boolean drag

Hi all
Attached fil contains 2 solids.

I want to “pull” the pipe out for the block in the z-direction. I will then get a block with a track that I can mill.

If I use boolean difference I have a block with a tunnel. Not want I need.

How todo?


Boolean drag.3dm (110.5 KB)

As far as I know, there is no direct way to do this in Rhino. One way to attack this will be to silhouette your pipe from the top view, then split the pipe with silhouette curves and delete the unwanted parts. Extrude the pipe edges upward to form vertical surfaces, join those to the pipe, then do your BooleanDifference…

Hmm, screencast is giving me trouble uploading today…

Video (I hope)

Actually even easier is once you split the pipe, to use ExtrudeSrf…



Thank you, working nicely :smile: