Boolean difference fail yet no naked edges but cutter not closed

Hi, my red ‘cutter’ is not closed but I cant see any naked edges on it.
as such boolean diff fails.

boolean fail red not closed but no naked edges.3dm (199.2 KB)


Why not - there are tons…?

Maybe you need to change the naked edge display color to something other than red?

I dont believe it, I changed it to green , I saw nothing at all !!!

how come though when I used sweep2rail, and chose a narrow end line.
something odd going on, also I select an object and sometimes get no indication its selected, or in a view I select a few and some are indicated in yellow ans some I select again and again, and nothing, no yelolow at all, yet I can then delete it so it was selected.


can you upload the input curves for that sweep? the naked edges are way too separated so it not seems to be a problem of tolerances or units or a software related.

here is what I have of it.
I did draw in lines osnap to the corners etc to complete it then used those as the profile.

and here it is with a second attempt.
boolean fail naked edges simple sweeps.3dm (156.8 KB)