Boolean difference doesn't let me cut multiple objects

Hi, I was wondering how I can solid difference multiple objects with 1 object. when there is a rectangle sharing an edge on a angle with another rectangle, it fails to Boolean difference. I was thinking I might need to extrude each rectangle 1 by 1 somehow?

this is my file. (25.1 KB)


i think this works as expected…

sorry, didn’t give enough context. I posted an image for the volume i am working with it should be at the bottom of the grasshoper file.

not the same geometry

yes, i saw the group in red, but there are no errors there.

It works for some of the rectangles but it doesn’t work for all of them. I’m trying to cut out all of the objects where it says “cap” (in the screenshot)


oh, i see, you have sliders that control the number of boxes

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it’s these corners that will always lead to a failure
if you offset the rectangles so that the boxes overlap a bit, it should solve the problem

adding a little offset (in green) fixes the problem

it seems stable for a large number of boxes

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Thank you so much!!! It works perfectly :smiley: I was stuck on this for so long

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just for your future reference, when you try to create a boolean difference that would result in an edge being shared by more than 2 faces, rhino will complain.