Boolean Artifacts

I’ve mirrored an object and used boolean to join the halves. I’d like to be rid of the center line now. How does one delete that?

Hi James - try MergeAllFaces.


Very nice! :grinning:

From a conceptual point of view, after the Boolean you had a pair of trimmed surfaces that were Joined together.
The MergeAllFaces command finds coplanar, joined surfaces like yours, deletes them, and replaces them with a single, larger trimmed surface.

So could have also just joined the mirrored surfaces and then merge faces?

Yes, but in order to join, there need to be unjoined edges. So either not mirror the surfaces that will be in the same place or mirror solids and extract surfaces that are in the same place. To get the single front and top surfaces afterwards, you can extract and delete, followed by cap. Which is what MergeAllFaces does.