Bongo + Vray Fly through long render times

hi, im getting upwards of 15 hour render times while rendering a 30 second fly through with Vray. I have taken steps to reduce my output setting in both Vray and Bongo but Im still pretty new to rendering 3d animations/ Fly throughs so im not sure if this is normal or if im missing something.

I am also not using distributed rendering so maybe this is adding to my render time… anyway, bellow are my Vray/Bongo settings, and PC specs:

Bongo Output

Vray Output (6.8 KB)

PC specs:

Processer: Intel® Core™ i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
GPU: NIVIDIA Quadro 5000
OS: win 7

Any help is much appreciated, please let me know if any additional information would be useful



30 seconds @ 15 fps (frames per second) = 450 images
Over 15 hours (900 minutes) that’s two minutes per image.
This sounds perfectly normal and reasonable, but it does depend on the amount of stuff (and how complex or detailed) in your scene.

I see that you’re on medium quality. Most of my low quality renders looks just as good, but you do need to be careful with animations. Sometimes the difference in noise calculation between frames will create a weird effect that’s hard to describe until you see it. Therefore, I typically go with higher settings for animation.

If you need it faster, I would DEFINITELY install the V-Ray DRSpawner on the other computers. You can do that on up to ten computers for no extra charge. I have six and it’s wonderful to see my render viewport totally filled up with render buckets!
Make sure that

  • its the exact same version of V-Ray on all computers
  • every computer is wired / wifi will not work