Bongo View Animation Jumps

I am trying to make a simple animation between two views.
For some reason Bongo doesn’t smoothly transition but rather jumps after the first frame to a wildly rotated view.

This is pretty frustrating since I can’t seem to fix it, but I assume there has to be a solution.

Dont think my video of the problem worked so adding a gif here. Also, I should probably clarify that although this looks nothing like the rhino interface it is, since I mapped a photoshopped image onto a surface.

Without having the model, it’s just guess work… but I’m going to guess that it’s what we call the z-up problem. When the camera goes over the z-axis or is parallell to it doesn’t know which way is up and down and therefore flips.
Any chance you could share the model?

Yes that sounds right. You can see I’ve found a workaround by just putting the jump between a single tick so it won’t show up when its rendered.

Bongo Model.3dm (16.3 MB)

For the Z-up problem, the solution is just to fix the animation so that the circumstances for the problem to show up is not happening. You seem to have done that. :+1: