Bongo Upgrade Cost

Am I correct to understand that the price of Bongo 2 to registered users of Version 1, is the same as the new user purchase price ?

This would be a bit unfair to recent purchasers having to put up with Bongo 1

No, the upgrade price is 295… New price is 495.


Is there a student price for a new Bongo2? Can’t find it on the homepage.

Should be 195.


Hi, I brought Rhino 5 64 Bit version. And it come bundle with a few Software. One of them is Bongo 1. When I found problem that I am unable to install it, I email Bongo or McNeel about this problem and was told that the Bongo that come with my Rhino5 64Bit version will not work with the 64 Bit version and instruct me to download then Bongo 2 beta. It work and that was not long ago. Maybe about 3 month ago. Now I have to pay again to upgrade to Bongo due to Bongo 2 beta going to be over. I feel that is unfair for user like myself having to pay again for Bongo 2. Hope someone at Bongo or McNeel can have a look at this issue. Thank you.

If you bought a bundle then Bongo should work at least with 32bit Rhion 5. Does it?

I have brought the Rhino5 64 Bit partly due to it is now in 64Bit but only come to know that the bundle software is not compatible while installing it. I am a new user to Rhino software. I brought the Rhino5 64 bit and intent to use it as a 64 bit software on my 64 bit system. So do you mean that I will create my work in Rhino 5 64 bit and when i wish to run my work with Bongo, I would then need to install Rhino5 32 bit and start Rhino5 32 bit in order to use Bongo? Do you feel that all this is taking up my time n resource of my computer system? And cause my work to slow down? Is that reasonable for use of your software? If new buyer of your software do not understand your software, its Bongo duty to ensure they full understand it compatibility of it before letting them buying it. In this case, I feel that Bongo and McNeel have not done enough to ensure buyer of their software fully understand the different here. Thank you.


I understand your frustration. However, here’s another way of looking at it:

Bongo 2.0 new licence cost = $495

Bongo 1.0 licence approx cost as part of bundle = $200
Bongo 2.0 upgrade cost = $295

So - if, instead of buying the bundle with Bongo 1.0 you had opted to buy a bundle without Bongo 2.0 in it, you would now have no animation functionality at all, and be in a position where you would have to pay $495 to get it.

  • Andy

I fully understand your frustration BonUser.
I was just trying to tell you that you can use Bongo. That is why Rhino 32bit is installed on your system, so you have a backward compatible sollution. Not a great sollution, but a sollution none the less.
Good luck on getting rid of the frustration, but know that Bongo 2.0 should be a nice step in the right direction away from Bongo 1.