Bongo unsupportable for Vray?

Hi Bongo-Team, (@andy @Luc @nathanletwory )

I ask at the Chaosgroup side for a better Bongo support (motion blur, GI cache) and got the answer:

Bongo is unsupportable. It only calls the “-_Render” command for every frame. There is absolutely no way to determine if the user has typed “_Render” or Bongo has run “_Render”. Bongo is very limited in this sense. That being said, there is absolutely no way to programatically “capture” Bongo animations.

Is there really no way to access the animation data? Could there some possibilities implement please?


This really isn’t true. It’s perfectly possible to support it - either the way the Brazil does (by reading out motion blur stuff and so on), or by using the SDK to determine what happens at each frame.

  • Andy

@andy From the chaosgroup beta forum I got the answer:

I think Andy is talking about future possibilities. The problem is not in detecting scene changes, the problem is that Bongo works by using the standard “Render” command.

Andy, what do you think?

I can’t find the post you reference, but reading some of the other posts on the Chaos group forums, it’s pretty clear that they don’t know about the Bongo SDK.

  • Andy

Thank you for your feedback. I’m in contact with Nikolay at the VfR4 beta forum, which is not open. I will try to get a direct contact between you and him.