Bongo Transparency Help

I need help making an object transparent in Bongo. I follow the example exactly as shown in the tutorial video “Animate Transparency in Bongo 2.0”. The orange ball will only fade in and out when I scrub the timeline. But when I hit the play button nothing happens. This is driving me crazy because I know it is one little thing I missing!

You’re not missing anything, this is actually a bug.
As a work around you can press and hold down the step buttons, then the animation should show as expected.

The transparency will also show up correctly when you render the animation.

Thank you Marika for your very quick reply! The Bongo + Render Animation… worked great just as you say. This solution is all that matters since my output is making a video. And I can see what it is going when I scrub the time line as your screen shot shows. I appreciate your help!