Bongo timeline

No, not the timeline in the program… the timeline FOR the program. Bongo 2, I mean. it’s been in Beta since…since… since so long I can’t remember anymore…

Unfortunately many of my clients cannot run betaware, so Bongo 1 is the only alternative we have.


The plan is to get it released after Rhino V5 SR5 is out but before SR6 is released. There is some special license manager work to do and some unknowns yet in that process.

I wonder if there’s not some sort of marketing jargon change that could let people sidestep this “cannot run betaware” issue?

The problem is “Beta” in not a universally understood or clearly defined term. For us, it means software that is ready to go and use productively, but maybe doesn’t have Help files yet or other non-functional related issues. We use “Work In Progress” for the semi-dodgy stuff.
For others, Beta might mean junk that should never be allowed off the developer’s computer.

No, neither one. It means software that we cannot install on school lab computers because they only get updated once or twice a year, and betas generally time out or become outdated during that period.


Very soon. Before winter.

Thanks Andy!

Finnish winter or Spanish winter? :wink:

If it was Finnish winter, I suppose it would be done already… :smile:


Wow, thanks for the specific information! Since I teach Bongo, I have been asking on forum for the last 2 to 3 years and kept hearing “it’s ready when it’s ready…”

Just out of curiosity, how many people are on the Bongo programming team?

Andy and his crew are not to blame for the tardiness of Bongo 2. The software has been done for a long time. The Help files and translation took a while because of the Rhino V5 release push. Then it became the Guinea Pig for a new license mechanism and distribution prototype. There are just a few more marketing and packaging details left to finish.