Bongo on Rhino 8: little close cross missing


happy new year.

And here a tiny bug as first report for the new year :wink: - the little close cross is gone, would be nice to see it back.

Best -

Rhino 8

Rhino 7

I logged it here, but I’m not sure this will be fixed, since it seems all containers (dock-able windows) in Rhino 8 work the same way, the x only shows up once the container is undocked.

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I hope it will be fixed, it was the quick way to close it and worked fine at Rhino 7.

Thank you.

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An alternative.

Thank you. Only I don’t have the Bongo toolbar at my screen, but I can close it from the Bongo menu. The old cross was so quick and simple to use so I wondered why it is removed.