Bongo license validation, 404 error on webpage link?

Today I had to reinstall everything from scratch.
Everything went well except for the Bongo validation.

It says to visit
But that link doesn’t work for me, I get a 404 error.

All licenses are valid, not sure why it prompted XXXX, but I don’t know about such things that’s why I’m here asking for help/support.

Not in a super big hurry to get Bongo working, but it would be nice to have this working over the next few days…


Is there a special reason that you’re using the offline validation? You could use the Online Validation and then you wouldn’t need to enter your validation code, the program does it automatically for you when you enter your license details.

If you want to use offline validation. Does this link work any better:

Also - You seem to be inserting your Rhino 5 key into Bongo, since the license number starts with RH50. The Bongo key starts with BO2.