Bongo, insert ticks and blocks - an issue


I have an animation where is a block with an animated sequence. If I insert a few ticks at the beginning of the animation, than the later shown block keyframes are not moved like all the other keyframes.

At this place first an idea - could blocks not get an own representation at the time line? For example if I select the block at the scene than at the time line a marker could show the range of the block keyframes. Here a raw example - the blue range is from the block.

So, if ticks are inserted than the block keyframes should be moved too or the user should be able to select the block and move the shown range.

At the moment I must go in block edit mode, select all keyframes and move them one by one .



As far as I know editing a block can only be done by using the BlockEdit command. That stands to reason. Remember a Block can also be “linked”, hence the data (keyframes included) are outside the model.
@Joshua can undeniably tell us whether it is possible to include Block-keyframes in the BongoScaleKeyframes and/or other keyframe manipulation commands.

A distinct colour for keyframes ‘inside instances (blocks)’ is eventually a feasible idea.