Bongo for R6?

I just want to verify, and couldn’t find anywhere in the forum, that Bongo R3 will be released with Rhino 6 as a paid plugin again? Determining if I should buy Bongo now, and upgrade when the time comes or wait.


How long can you wait? You make it sound like you don’t need Bongo.

Simply put, for any plug-in to be released for RH6, the SDK of RH6 needs to be frozen first. Nobody knows when that will happen so the wait could be longish…

I think Bongo 2 will be available for Rhino 6, Bongo 3 is still a dot on the horizon AFAIK. @andy can tell you probably more about this.

I could use other tools, I’d prefer to do the work all in one tool though. I want to avoid paying $x00 for the plugin, then have to pay another $xxx in upgrading to the newer version, so if Bongo 3 is years away, I’ll buy Bongo 2.