Bongo + Flamingo rendering farm

I’m trying to use the combination between Bongo and Flamingor rendering farm as mentioned in this older post:

Note that instead of “FlamingoNXtAutomateRender” i use “FlamingoAutomateRender”.

All reders are done and farm works perfect.

Except that all files are stored in folders like:
nXtJob-2019-03-19-10-21-17-Animation > Output > 000000.nXtImage

The top folder name changes but the “Output > 000000.nXtImage” not and in the end I have 600 files named “000000.nXtImage”.

How do I process these files to become PNG or … as my final goal is … assemble them to a video?

I forgot to add that the “Help” of FlamingoAutomateRender sends me to a missing web page :frowning: