Bongo Control Keys?

Is there a key or command that could be keybound that will single-step an animation for testing, such as page up/page down, for some forward/backward arrow key something or another?

Is there a key to toggle the visibility of all of Bongo’s animation vectors, hinges, and etc?


There isn’t a ready made key to do it, but you can make your own key commands in Rhino, by going to:
Tools > Options > Keyboard

Add the commands:
!_BongoSetCurrentTick _I
!_BongoSetCurrentTick _D

First one make the Timeline slider go forward (I = increment) on the timeline the other one back (D = decrement)

You can change the visibility in the display for different settings in the Bongo Document Options:

Ah, increase and decrease.
I ended binding them to CTRL-HOME and CTRL-END, but would have liked page-up page-down.

As far as the animation helpers, a toggle to turn them all on/off would be handy.

Otherwise Bongo 2.0 works pretty good. The IK couldn’t be made to work on what I am doing, because it’s complicated, in that I would have needed to add functioning spring, and not a visual one.

The only other wish I can think of is the ability to preview the running animation while we rotate the view, so we can check to see how things are moving.

I am impressed that Bongo can animate the spline nodes that a pipe is made from. It was one of those thing I just wanted it to do, and it did : )

Thank you, Marika : )