Bongo bonus tools crashs Rhino 5

Is an update of the Bonus tools needed?


V5 or v6?
We can get you an update for V6 tomorrow.

At Rhino 5 64. I bought Rhino 6, but it’s quite important for me to keep my R5 system running, some tools are working there only.

Are you using the 32- or 64-bit version?

The 64 bit version.

When is it crashing for you? Startup or when running a command?
I’m not able to repeat the crashing…

I typed in BongBonusToolsForEachFrame and Rhino freeze and crashs.

I could try to reinstall the bonus tools, but where I found it?

I can send you the version I tried and you can test if it works any better for you. I’ll send it in a private PM.