Bongo Animation Examples?

Hello there,

We are investigating the possibilities for animation (mostly simple translations, rotations and path animations) but we are wondering if there is any higher quality material of Bongo’s capabilities either from McNeel, or perhaps from other users here. The demo material on the website is quite limited and not very convincing.

I take it if we use our Vray for Rhino plugin we can render out images automatically for every frame?

Also is there any option of particle / fluid simulation (flowing water with collision for example)

A. What kind of demo material are you looking for?
B. Yes
C. No

Hi Peter,

I think that has more to do with the compression of files for use on the web.

We use Rhino/Bongo/V-Ray/After Effects for recreating shipping collisions . I haven’t yet done one with Bongo 2.0 but despite it limitations Bongo 1.0 got the job done for what we wanted.

We were scripting every keyframe from the output of our mathematical simulator so there was no need for Bongo to interpret anything, this allowed us to present an accurate forensic simulation with no need for “Hollywood”.

V-Ray is as good as you make it, and I think this is your deciding factor on quality. If you can get decent stills then there is no reason why you cannot go on to get decent animations - although compression is your enemy.

Depending on how you are going to present the final product is how good your final product can be. We were ending up with 2Gb for half an hour of animation in a lossless format with sound. But then we were choosing how it was to be presented and on what hardware so it didn’t really matter.

Unfortunately none of the material is in the public domain so I cannot share it with you.

The question to answer is can the benefits of moving out of the “Rhino Environment” out weigh the gain you get from a third party option. For us it didn’t as Bongo was only providing the means to add hundreds of our own keyframes at every frame so we hardly scratched its surface.

@marika_almgren Some graphicly pleasing (of course not bongo related but how but makes it easier to show superiors), and smooth animations, something with a nice flow, smoothing in and out of, anticipation & follow trough.

The animations we are going to be making will probably just be simple keyframe animations, but the graph editor might be important. On the other hand, I believe there is also a trial, does this support the entire functionality to see if the software is comfortable to use, and sufficient?

This shows some ‘moves’, some applicable animation, a nice smooth walking animation (or robotics) would be nice too.

So what I would like to be able to show would be some high class animations, (examples are still a bit mediocre but sufficient to work with for current goals), preferably with a nice rendering quality.


No that is not a compression factor really, I’ve been in the 3d scene too long for that :wink: Some animations are just a bit blocky (and I don’t mean the graphics), and some animations just need to be rendered better.

If I look at examples of what a product can do, I expect those examples to be impressive/stunning/beautiful, they are what should win me over into trying a piece of software via for example a trial. But if the examples are not of a high quality on the website of the company itself, I would be quick to conclude that the software is the limitation.

For example, Autodesk has some functionality video’s of theirs, plus a showcase of people that use the software, to show what it cán do. shows several nice projects and possibilities,

Does McNeel also have something similar that I just did not see?

When you said the website, which website?
have you seen the examples on the Ning Forum for Bongo e.g.

Yes I have seen that one, it is terrible animation wise :smiley: At least the part where it pushes the ball was very shocking, the ball moves in a delayed fashion, and suddenly accelerates long after it was pushed.

Now I take it this is the fault of the person who animated it, not so much the software I hope? But it just surprises me that a company would put this on a showcase. It’s cute and all, but it’s just like pixar’s intro but less pretty, and badly animated :’(

I’m with you now… It’s the quality of “animation” of the animation that you’re questioning. Not the rendering, which I got the impression of from the V-Ray reference.

BTW I only picked Marika’s one as it was the latest of video’s in the gallery on the forum. I recall McNeel had basic examples on their website for bongo, so that is why I was asking where you were looking.

I think the limitations of Bongo 1.0 where ok for designers to show case their work. I don’t think it was ever intended to make short films with. Bongo 2.0 has taken a step in the right direction with IK and Expressions but I don’t think it will ever be an “Animator’s” choice of software. However, I think the Ford promo with the engine is doable within Bongo.

EDIT: I see that the original website redirects you to the Ning Forum

Yes, exactly, quality of animation is the key, the rendering I’m sure we can get correct. The Vray thing was a separate question (therefore the ABC thing)

I guess it’ll just try to get around to using a trial next week (if it exists) to see if it is sufficient.

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I’m trying to export an animation from Bongo to use in Augment without success despite I’m exporting it in .dae. Is there any tips you can give me inexporting to AR from Bongo?

Unfortunately all I can help you with is that currently from Bongo you can Export data by using the following commands: