Bongo 3.0 WIP 10

Bongo 3.0 WIP 10 for Rhino 7 Now Available

Hi all,



Work-In-Progress versions are not production ready and may hang or crash.

Bongo 2.0 users are encouraged to download and try this WIP release of the animation plug-in for Rhino 7, Bongo 3.0.

Bongo 3.0 WIP 10 is now available from


New Features:

  • Manipulation of connection structures with Bongo gumball
  • Full changelog available here

Rhino versions supported: Beta testing Bongo 3.0 is limited to Bongo 2.0 users. Bongo 3.0 requires a Bongo 2.0 license key. Latest version of Rhino 7.0 is required to install Bongo 3.0 and can be downloaded from Rhino - Download - Rhino 7 for Windows

Notes: This is the current work-in-progress release of Bongo 3.0 for Rhino. The product is in the very early stages of development any will probably change a great deal before release. This may include the file format, so please do not rely on Bongo 3.0 models working in the future. Bongo 3.0 will read Bongo 2.0 files, but will save Bongo 3.0 data only. This data cannot be read by Bongo 2.0, so please backup any files before using them in Bongo 3.0.


Always love the updates, thanks for your hard work! Deepmind just opensourced mujoco, any opportunity to utilize it in upcoming builds of Bongo?

That came up in conversation with a different project on Monday. Currently there are no plans to utilize that with Bongo 3 but we have looked at it.

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Hi @Joshua_Kennedy ,
Why using a Bongo Gumball and hot the Rhino Gumball?

I Remember when I was playing tsplines and the tGumball made me Crazy swapping between them

The best Is ti nave a single Gumball


There’s a couple reasons. First, the Bongo gumball needs to be constrained in certain ways to properly create keyframes. The Rhino gumball can make some transforms that Bongo doesn’t like, or can’t interpret correctly. There’s also hairiness with multiple selection. Second, the Rhino gumball didn’t have the proper SDK support to make this happen (the idea was to have Bongo override the Rhino gumball so that if animation mode was enabled it would default to Bongos). There is potential I could get the necessary changes in to fix this. I do agree that it is suboptimal. I tried to make the Bongo gumball as unobtrusive as possible. It only appears in animation mode and if the Rhino gumball is disabled so they don’t fight. I am working on some fixes and have a few ideas to help ameliorate this.

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Will there ever be a macOS version of Bongo? Or do I need to keep coding my IK myself in Grasshopper?

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It is planned, but development hasn’t started yet. There are some big prerequisites for the eventual macOS version, specifically with the user interface and porting it to Eto. You may have noticed there are some new UI elements in Bongo 3 written in Eto, so some slices of the supporting work have been done.