Bongo 2 - export animation

Is there any way to export Bongo animation to fbx or any other polygonal solution to migrate Bongo object’s movement to other external applications?

If there is no solution like that so maybe it’s possible to export all positions of moving objects during the timeline with grasshopper to set the same animation with the same document hierarchy structure in different software.

Maybe there is a possibility to export some locator’s animation only. Anything…

Bongo 2 only have the following options:
Saves object animation data so it can be applied to a different object in a different file.

Saves animation data to a comma-separated-value file that can be used in spreadsheet programs.

For Bongo 3 WIP, the FBX import/export has had some work done already but it is not in the public WIP yet:

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Thanks. I hope it will be soon. I will surely buy this plugin if there will be export animation feature. Now I`m testing the trial. It would allow using those animations in Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, Mod, etc. I hope it will happen.

Do you think it is possible to wait for Bongo 3 this year?

We don’t know when Bongo 3 will be out yet, but that much I know, that it won’t be out this year.