Bongo 2.0 Service Release 6 Now Available

Bongo 2.0 Service Release 6 now available

You can download it here.

The complete list of changes in this Service Release can be found here.



Please note: The CheckforUpdates feature is broken in SR5 so the new service release needs to be manually downloaded.

Posted Apr 05, 2017 by Marika Almgren on Rhino News, etc.

This web page says: “Service Release 6a.”
If you wonder if you have got “Service Release 6a”, compare your update date with date posted here: Bongo 2.0 Development [McNeel Wiki]
Your update date is displayed when you type BongoAbout.

By the the way, I wonder who needs “Service Release 6a.” Isn’t date good enough?

@marika_almgren Can you help?

In the download is called 6a because we made some improvements to the CheckforUpdates -system, that’s the only difference from the original SR6 insaller.