Bongo 2.0 Service Release 5 Now Available

Hi all,
Bongo 2.0 SR5 is now available from:
The complete list of changes in this Service Release is below.

  • Marika

====== 2014-11-14 Service Release 5 - Public Release ======

===== Features: =====

  • Render delay made available also for Renderers.

===== Bug Fixes:=====

  • Problems with 32-bit installer fixed.

For "Bongo Render Animation"
If I understand well,
Renderers as RhinoRender or Brazil may work in two ways:

  • with an automatic delay, as before this release (“Render frame delay (s):” set to 0
  • or with a fix delay set by the user

When using just Neon (without Brazil), I still have to
set the Target renderer to Viewport Display
and set the Render frame delay to a no null value (no automatic delay).

I am right ?

Yes, you’re right.
The Render frame delay (s) is the same as View capture delay (s), it’s just made available for all renderers, so we had to change the name.

Hi Marika,

I have just had to undo the Service Release 5 download as my system started to glitch quite badly, Windows 7, 64bit. My computer returned to its normal level of function once I did a systems restore to before the Bongo Service Release 5 down load.
Hope you find this info of use.

What form did the glitch take?