Bongo 2.0 Beta 18 Now Available

Hi all,

Beta versions should be production ready but may not have all the features or a final user interface.
Bongo 2.0 Beta 18 is now available from

This is the 18th Beta version of Bongo 2.0 for Rhino 5.0. The beta is open to all Rhino 5 users. We’ve been working hard on this, and we think the new features are a great addition to the product, but there’s still some way to go, so please let us know if you find any bugs.

Have fun!

  •      Marika

New Features in Version 2.0:
- Mechanical constraints (Inverse Kinematics)
- Morphing
- Multiple animations per file
- New curve editor
- Improved UI including keyframe editor and timeline
- Parameter animation for materials, environments, sun, textures and many more features.
- Expressions
Rhino versions supported: Rhino 5 Service Release 5 is required to install Bongo 2.0 and can be downloaded from
Notes: Bongo 2.0 is a complete re-write of the Bongo plug-in. Most of the functionality of Bongo 1.0 has been replicated, but there may be some areas where Bongo 2.0 does not yet match the 1.0 functionality. Please let us know if you find these issues.
Notes: This is the current beta release of Bongo 2.0 for Rhino. Bongo 2.0 will read Bongo 1.0 files, but will save Bongo 2.0 data only. This data cannot be read by Bongo 1.0, so please backup any files before using them in Bongo 2.0.

The complete list of changes in this Beta release is below:

2012-07-30: Public Beta 18

  • Beta 18 terminates support for Rhino 4.0.


  • MCL update to version 6.2.0
  • Expressions support object constraints.
  • BongoAnimationSets command has scripting option.
  • Updated to Rhino 5.0 licensing system.

Bug Fixes:

  • Nested toolbar commands crash fixed.
  • Animation mode lockup fixed.
  • Tweening works for view location (spherical).
  • Crash fixed in view rotation calculation.
  • Keyframe editor flicker improved.
  • Clipping calculation improved.
  • Per object IK goal error displays document values now when disabled.
  • Scale commands scale pivot.
  • IK solver uses cached solutions.
  • Keyframe editor tweening section edit boxes display showing -0.000 has been fixed.
  • Fixed memoryleak when rendering an animation with “overwrite existing frames” turned off.
  • Timeline reset function takes display range into account.
  • BongoAnimationLimits command extended with “Enable” option.
  • Timeline display range rounding error fixed.
  • Plugin menu entry for Bongo Help fixed.
  • Interaction between Keyframe Editor and Curve Editor improved.
  • View animation indicators update when enableing/disableing views.
  • Keyframe deletion updates the timeline.
  • Animation manager context menu disappearing when keyframe editor visible problem fixed.
  • Copying of animated objects fixed.
  • BongoShowViewPath command works again.
  • Animation color restore function works.
  • BongoRenderAnimation command scripable version fixed.
  • BongoAdvancedHierarchySettings command scriptable version fixed.
  • Keyframe editor remembers position now.
  • Camera up vector animation under constraint conditions works like Bongo 1.0 now.
  • Editing a #…# in the expression editor and jumping to the end of the line problem fixed.
  • Focus rect removed from timline.
  • Animation limits visibility default value fixed.
  • BongoRegister command and menu removed (obsolete).
  • Duplicated strings in view properties dialog removed.
  • Old Bongo 1.0 robot arm proxy tutorial fixed.
  • “This view is currently animated. Do you want to disable animation for this view?” message pops up when rendering problem fixed.
  • FPS setting taken into account when creating video out of frames.

Marika Almgren
Bongo Product Manager
Robert McNeel and Associates