Bone structure&Minimal surface

hey everyone. I meet a mistake in my grasshopper. When I create the bone structure by using the Minimal surface, I don’t know why I layout some many meshes as result. I think it should layout only one mesh. I checked many times but still don’t know where is wrong. could anyone help me? thank you.

cube.3dm (192.7 KB)
stretched (10.5 KB)

When i “Flatten” the Vertices output on the Explode component, I get this:

// Rolf

thank you very much! That is really I want.

but when I flatten the vertices, the result mesh is different with the previous meshes…OMG

Here’s your file updated to use the current Kangaroo. (13.8 KB)

It runs in a few seconds instead of minutes.
I’d also recommend generating your input mesh a bit differently. Here you start with a lot of triangle ‘fans’ and long skinny triangles, which don’t relax so well.
If you are starting from a Brep, try using the detailed settings when meshing it, and setting a minimum and maximum edge length to get a more uniform edge sizing.

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